“Our favorite chocolate sommelier.”

International Award Winning Chocolate Makers, Goodnow Farms

Your team has done an amazing job this quarter, working hard, putting in long hours, and accomplishing things with great success. You want to show them appreciation for their hard work, and you wouldn’t mind if it also helped build a better sense of cohesiveness amongst your team members. Why is a virtual chocolate tasting the right activity to reward your team with?


What’s unique about Cocoa Beantown corporate events? First of all, we never repeat tasting menus. That means, when you contact us about your event, we don’t pick one of a handful of pre-selected chocolates just to keep our workload lighter. We work with your event coordinators, HR team, or management representative to learn about the different dynamics that might be at play in the group. We’ll ask you if the group has a lot of coffee drinkers or wine fans, if folks like to share recipes or try new foods, or if perhaps they regularly bring in treats to share at work. If you work in biotech, or legal, or financial services–those things can play a role too! We draw inspiration from any number of things that can help inform us as we curate your chocolate menu. The goal is to not just have folks taste chocolate for a moment’s satisfaction–we look to connect them to the stories of the makers behind the selections, and choose things thoughtfully and with great intention.

At a Cocoa Beantown event, your guests will:

  • Try craft chocolate selections unlike most anything they’ve ever had before.

  • Learn things they had never come across in any previous experience.

  • Gain insight and resources on being a good chocolate consumer they’ll be able to reference in the future.

  • Share smiles, laughs, and moments of intentional joy with their coworkers and fellow event attendees.

  • Feel valued and treated to a special experience created just for them.

While all of our events are bespoke, we also can curate to a given theme. Want to learn more about Massachusetts-based chocolate makers? We can do a menu just of selections from them. Gathering a group for your women’s professional organization or looking for an activity for diversity and inclusion workshop days? We can do a menu entirely of women owned or BIPOC-owned businesses. We have curated menus tied to the seasons or holidays, science or innovation inspired chocolates, or even bars featuring flavor influences from Japan. And there’s even more possibilities to imagine from there!

Besides the chocolate, we can build even more dynamic elements into your program. Is your group a bit competitive? Perhaps they’d like to do some chocolate trivia and compete for chocolate bar prizes. Actually, they’re REALLY competitive, you say? How about trying our “blind tasting” challenge, where folks are given two chocolate samples, one being craft and the other grocery store, and have to use the things they learned during the guided portion of their tasting to determine which is which for all the bragging rights (and brownie points–it is a chocolate event). We can curate pairings for the event–we’ve done wine, rum, beer, coffee, tea, and even cheese and chocolate pairing events. How about something a little more educational? We can do a live cocoa pod cracking demo. Something a bit more social? Perhaps your group would like to try fresh made cacao juice mocktails. Did your team do a really amazing job this quarter? Treat them extra nice with some of our take-home VIP goodie bags, featuring a curated selection of bon bons and truffles from chocolatiers in and around the Boston area. Making your employees feel valued while also supporting small businesses? That’s a win-win for everyone!

Looking to get folks outside the office? We’ve done tasting events on roof decks, on patios, back decks, and at outdoor cafes. Want something a little more adventurous? Our chocolate tasting picnics can be done in public green spaces. Want something a little more active? Our walking chocolate tours can be done as a standard route, or customized to feature specialty stops or meetings locations/end points, and can also include stops for beverages, trivia, or VIP goodie bags.

Whether it’s because your team was extra amazing this term, or they’re just overdue for a bit of break, our chocolate events are a great solution to your team building needs. If your clients have stuck with you so long, you want to extend them a thank-you, few things elicit as much excitement as being gifted with a chocolate experience. Perhaps someone in your life may be about to celebrate a big birthday, or retirement, and you just want them to know that the whole crew cares–Cocoa Beantown wants to help you celebrate all those achievements and milestones and moments of gratitude. And we can’t think of a better way to do that than through chocolate!

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