Chocolate adventures in Boston and beyond...

That Time Dessert Lead Me to the Best Fried Chicken

I grew up without cable. Until I left Connecticut to attend college in Boston, the television set that I regularly watched TV on in my parents’ house had rabbit ears on them that necessitated adjusting with nearly every channel change. When I finally moved into my own apartment post-graduation, a cable package was one of […]

In Search of the Perfect Pain au Chocolat

Within the world of chocolate therein lies a plethora of sumptuous desserts–cakes, cookies, tarts, brownies, bars, mousse, fudge, and pastries. Being a chocoholic since even before birth, I have tried a great variety of these treats, both by talented professional pastry chefs and ebullient at-home bakers. While I’ve had some epic layer cakes, and some […]

2012–A Year in Chocolate Eating

    A blog dedicated to the world of chocolate would hardly be reliable if I didn’t display, for critical review, my credentials as a chocoholic. Anyone that knows me personally, for even a short bit of time, tends to find out rather quickly that I do indeed have a deep and enthusiastic affection for […]