Chocolate adventures in Boston and beyond...

I Love Chocolate Day!

‘Twill make an old woman Young and Fresh; Create New Motions of the Flesh, And cause them long for you know what If they but taste of chocolate. ~James Wadsworth, 1652 Perhaps the notion of chocolate as a romantic favor to be given by men to women came from the misnomer that chocolate is an […]

2012–A Year in Chocolate Eating

    A blog dedicated to the world of chocolate would hardly be reliable if I didn’t display, for critical review, my credentials as a chocoholic. Anyone that knows me personally, for even a short bit of time, tends to find out rather quickly that I do indeed have a deep and enthusiastic affection for […]

Chocolate Cheers!

This is my love letter to chocolate. After over a year of contemplating, imagining, and brainstorming, I now embark upon a journey of documenting all of my wonderful chocolate adventures. As a chocolate tour guide, food and events writer, and life-long chocoholic, the world of chocolate has brought me endless amounts of enjoyment, laughs, and memories […]