Chocolate adventures in Boston and beyond...

Potato Chips + Chocolate = Always the Right Answer

At a birthday dinner not too long ago, I amazed my friends by combining two, pretty much universally lauded, food indulgences; chocolate, and potato chips. We were at a stir fry restaurant in in downtown Boston, and for some reason, one of my friends had a small bag of Lays potato chips with them. After […]

That Time Dessert Lead Me to the Best Fried Chicken

I grew up without cable. Until I left Connecticut to attend college in Boston, the television set that I regularly watched TV on in my parents’ house had rabbit ears on them that necessitated adjusting with nearly every channel change. When I finally moved into my own apartment post-graduation, a cable package was one of […]

How to Win the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Category

Unless you live in an underground bunker in preparation of the polar ice cap melting apocalypse, you probably are aware that the Oscars were last night. Now, while this event is normally not associated with chocolate (or eating in general–did you see how skinny some of those actresses looked?) it did get me thinking about […]

In Search of the Perfect Pain au Chocolat

Within the world of chocolate therein lies a plethora of sumptuous desserts–cakes, cookies, tarts, brownies, bars, mousse, fudge, and pastries. Being a chocoholic since even before birth, I have tried a great variety of these treats, both by talented professional pastry chefs and ebullient at-home bakers. While I’ve had some epic layer cakes, and some […]