Spindler Confections, on Mass. Ave. in Cambridge

The Boston area’s connections to sweets runs deep. Consider the fact that the very first chocolate factory in the United States was started in Dorchester, the first roadside confectionary in the country was started in Shrewsbury, and the NECCO candy factory operated out of Cambridge for decades before relocating to Revere. Not far from the original home of NECCO on Mass. Ave. in Cambridge, a newer home-grown confectionary is bringing their own flavor to the Massachusetts sweets game.

Chocolates and caramels on display in the shop.

Step inside the Spindler Confections store and you’ll be instantly struck by the ingenuity on display. Besides a mouth-watering array of chocolates, caramels, brittles, and pate de fruits, you’ll notice a selection of sweets-inspired gift items, local ingredients, and a carefully curated candy museum display.

Museum pieces and gift selections.

“I first started making candy with my mom when I was a kid.  Fudges, popcorn balls, divinity, and dipping things in chocolate were the main items,” says Jeremy Spindler, creator and namesake of the nostalgic store. Even the ingredients on display beneath the truffle case are an homage to all things local–maple syrups, beers and whiskeys, and Somerville’s own Fluff. As a result, many of the flavors found in the shop will have a very familial feel.


“Many of them are traditional flavors that I have put my own touch to, or simply modified recipes to use natural flavors as opposed to artificial ones,” says Spindler. “When I am traveling I’ll often visit other chocolate and candy shops to see what they are making. I’ve occasionally been inspired by their work.”

More products available at Spindler Confections.

Speaking of inspiration, the greater Boston area’s deep connections to chocolate and sweet treats are reflected inside the store as well. A wall of historical artifacts and antique items from old candy companies and local product lines is prominently displayed on one whole wall of the store, with ideas to expand in the future.


“The history of candy making in the area is something that attracts me quite a lot.  It’s fun to be bringing back the art of candy making to Cambridge and Boston, albeit in a much smaller way.”


Cocoa Beantown is very excited to announce that we have teamed up with Spindler Confections to offer some  NEW in-store classes for chocolate aficionados! So if you haven’t yet made it to the Spindler’s Confections shop in Cambridge, grab a friend (or two) and sign up for our chocolate tasting and chocolate and wine pairing classes being offered in early November. Tickets are available here, and are expected to sell out quickly, so don’t wait!