It has been said, many times, that when one is about to enjoy a fine meal or dessert, that you eat first with your eyes. This is why the best restaurants put so much effort in plating, and on “Iron Chef,” it has it’s own category and point value. Admittedly, there are not that many things that one needs to do in order to make a fine piece of chocolate more appetizing, but a beautiful crafter from the west coast has given it her best shot. Nelda Barchers makes glittery, gorgeous wrappings for chocolate bars, and sells them through boutiques nationwide, as well as on her website.


I may or may not have an affinity for Parisian images…

Barchers hails from California, and has been working on her business for the past two years. Prior to making her own papercrafts, she worked in retail selling American crafts done by other people. A rather creative individual, Barchers also has wire sculpture, a form of three dimensional drawing, that is currently on display in the San Francisco Bay area.

Her designs range from the seasonal and holiday specific bunnies, elves, and pumpkins, to delightful vintage scenes of Paris, flowers, children, puppies, and kitties.


The bars themselves are actually a 72% cacao Belgian dark chocolate, with a lovely smooth texture that one would expect from a finely made, high quality bar. Locally, you can find Nelda Barchers bars at Gracie Finn in the South End.