It’s hard to improve upon good chocolate. Good chocolate can have flavor notes that range from sweet to salty to smoky, all wrapped up in a perfectly smooth and creamy texture that melts on your palette.


Occasionally, one may find that a contrast of textures is desired, and something with a bit of a crunch is preferable. Let me introduce you to the ultimate indulgence in chocolate bar form. It’s called P2C2, and it comes from Quincy-based chocolatier Christina Bartkus, owner of Purefections. The sheer brilliance of this chocolate bar with the Star Wars robot-like name is made up of potato chip crunch (P1), peanut butter (P2), caramel swirl (C1), and chocolate (C2). The yummy treat has been featured on the Food Network as well as on “Unique Sweets” on the Cooking Channel. The bars come in white, milk, and dark varieties (I have tried milk and dark and both are amazing). Christina came up with the creation herself–not bad for a former paralegal who left her corporate job in 2006 to open the shop.


See that? Those are the potato chips in there!

The Purefections store also features a lot of other amazing treats, like some totally badass brownie pops that are bigger than your head and covered in Belgian chocolate, than rolled in buttercrunch, Oreo bits, or drizzled in white chocolate, and are heavy enough to easily take someone out–especially if they are trying to get their hands on your chocolate!