This is my love letter to chocolate. After over a year of contemplating, imagining, and brainstorming, I now embark upon a journey of documenting all of my wonderful chocolate adventures. As a chocolate tour guide, food and events writer, and life-long chocoholic, the world of chocolate has brought me endless amounts of enjoyment, laughs, and memories through my encounters with people in different states and even different countries that I have met along the journey. In this blog, I hope to share a little bit of everything–whether it be fun facts and interesting insight, yummy recipes, tips and tricks, heartwarming sweet stories, or adventures related to desserts while traveling. My hope is that it will help people bring people together to bring them a little joy while they learn a bit about the city of Boston, the people who work here and beyond in the pastry arts and chocolate-making, and, of course, about chocolate itself. After all, there is no better reason to bond with another human being than over a love of chocolate!