Chocolate adventures in Boston and beyond...

French Onion Soup with a Chocolate Twist

Fans of the TV show “Portlandia” might recall more than a few references to chocolate in its various forms throughout the series. Though not a cacao connection, yet another now infamous episode spurred the pop culture reference “put a bird on it,” formally acknowledging the modern design aesthetic trend of putting fowl on everything from […]

Recipe: Chocolate Lava Cakes

One of the most oft-referenced “favorite” chocolate desserts of my chocolate tour guests is the infamous chocolate lava cake. Sometimes referred to as “molten chocolate cake,” whatever it’s called, there’s a reason it’s not hard to find these on almost every restaurant dessert menu anywhere. As a matter of fact, at D Bar desserts in […]

Hot Chocolate Kind of Day

Isn’t it delightful when one of those march snowstorms charges through, leaving a ton more snow than the forecasters initially warned you about? Ahh, yes, these are the days where us New Englanders, and any other folks who have been in similar situations, grumble our heartiest, heave and sigh and shake our fists angrily at […]

Potato Chips + Chocolate = Always the Right Answer

At a birthday dinner not too long ago, I amazed my friends by combining two, pretty much universally lauded, food indulgences; chocolate, and potato chips. We were at a stir fry restaurant in in downtown Boston, and for some reason, one of my friends had a small bag of Lays potato chips with them. After […]

How to Win the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Category

Unless you live in an underground bunker in preparation of the polar ice cap melting apocalypse, you probably are aware that the Oscars were last night. Now, while this event is normally not associated with chocolate (or eating in general–did you see how skinny some of those actresses looked?) it did get me thinking about […]