Chocolate adventures in Boston and beyond...

Tiny Chocolate Company with Boston Roots Takes on Nestle’s Bunny

In the world of chocolate, so much of the products widely available to consumers are produced by a very small group of companies, who have cornered the market in terms of market share. As consumers continue to become educated on cocoa sourcing and what goes into quality chocolate products, many are finding themselves looking for […]

Learning More About Local: Kakosi and NuFudge

  Chocolate truly is a wonderful world, and here in Boston, we are so lucky to be the home of so much history, invention, and innovation within that realm. Our goal at Cocoa Beantown chocolate tours, always, is not only to share information with guests about chocolate, but to be a resource for helping folks uncover […]

30th Annual Chocolate Madness

If both your politics and your penchant for chocolate consumption ere on the liberal side of things, then you were probably at NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts 30th Anniversary of Chocolate Madness last night. The annual event is held at the Cyclorama in Boston’s South End, and features many popular restaurants, bakeries, and chocolatiers from around Boston and […]

Wicked Good Cupcakes Opens in Quincy Market

Tomorrow, May 1st, Wicked Good Cupcakes opens its second location, its first in Boston, in an area that receives more yearly visitors than Disney World–Quincy Market! The new addition to the plethora of cupcake shops that already inhabit the Hub brings with it their own creative spin and a bit of buzz thanks to a […]

Melted Peanut Butter Cups… in a Jar

  There are few things that most chocoholics (at least the American ones) agree on as a more delectable combination than peanut butter and chocolate. I hear it time and time again on chocolate tours, people frequently citing peanut butter cups, chocolate peanut butter cupcakes, cookies, cheesecake, whatever, as their absolute most favorite chocolate dessert. It probably […]

Easter Line at Hotel Chocolat

I stopped in at Hotel Chocolat on Newbury Street today on this lovely mild Good Friday to see what I could see. The store was packed with Easter shoppers, looking to fill their baskets with eggs, bunnies, chicks, and all other sorts of pastel-colored treats. The Hotel Chocolat Easter line each year is some of […]

The Dark Seedy Underbelly of the Chocolate World–REVEALED!

Easter is fast approaching, but before you pick up those Easter basket bunnies, be aware and beware! Impostor chocolate rabbits flood the shelves every season, and if you’re not careful, those bunnies can make their way into your homes, and even worse, into your mouth! As both a hard-core chocoholic, and Jedi master bargain hunter, […]