Chocolate adventures in Boston and beyond...

Artwork on Chocolate

It has been said, many times, that when one is about to enjoy a fine meal or dessert, that you eat first with your eyes. This is why the best restaurants put so much effort in plating, and on “Iron Chef,” it has it’s own category and point value. Admittedly, there are not that many […]

Cacao…The Magic Beans

Most people are aware of the fact that the bean that chocolate is made from grows on trees, but beyond that, the process is kind of a mystery. It’s like elves get a hold of it, and do magical things inside a tree, and then it’s yummy and delicious! The whole middle part is kind […]

Hot Chocolate Kind of Day

Isn’t it delightful when one of those march snowstorms charges through, leaving a ton more snow than the forecasters initially warned you about? Ahh, yes, these are the days where us New Englanders, and any other folks who have been in similar situations, grumble our heartiest, heave and sigh and shake our fists angrily at […]